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Material of the Month: December 2016 – Fire Retardant Paint

Why it inspired us…

When I was young, our whole family got together for that special holiday in December. One particular visitor would make his way down the chimney, and leave all the good children some special gifts in the middle of the night. One particular year there was a candle, which sat atop of the fireplace and my parents forgot to extinguish it before going to bed, so when the secret visitor came he accidentally knocked the candle over setting fire to the tree. Luckily it was a quick burning fire and no real damage was done except to the fireplace, which was badly scorched, however nowadays we simply use fire retardant paint and careful candle management.

Why we would like it to inspire you…

This is an easy to use VOC free paint with fire retardant qualities, not only that it comes in 180 colours! You dont need any specialist painters or decorators to get it on your walls, you can simply do it yourself. In addition to this, the paint tin is made from recycled steel containers, card and paper.

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