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PPE Material Flows

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PPE Material Flows:

Potential for Open Loop Remanufacturing of PPE Waste to Construction Products

A Project by University of Strathclyde, Dept. of Architecture + Dress for the Weather

Funded by Scottish Institute for Remanufacturing + Zero Waste Scotland

Project Overview:

The project categorised and quantified the volumes of single use, disposable PPE issued by NHS Scotland in the ‘Low Risk’ PPE pathway. This identified huge volumes of various categories of plastic waste which are currently not recycled. By first studying the material flows and waste streams associated with the PPE items the project team were able to propose methods for collecting the waste, processing and then transforming into new products for the building industry. In doing so they propose to ‘lock-in’ this plastic waste for a duration of at least 15-20 years before it is likely to enter a waste / recycling stream once more. The applications and recommendations focus specifically on healthcare interiors.

Key Outcomes of the project include:

Proposal for prototype healthcare interior made from 100% recycled PPE

Collaboration with Still Life Studio for ‘Proof of Concept’ PPE Stool

Local + Open Loop Remanufacturing strategy proposal for NHS PPE waste

Further Development for the project aims to include:

Detailed Feasibility Studies for each product

1:1 Prototype Interior

Pilot programme to capture + remanufacture plastic PPE waste with 1no. hospital

Structural construction panel comprising a hardwearing aesthetic skin, and a foamed mixed core. The panel is 46mm in total thickness, and is extremely strong, taking over 400Kg in cantilevered loading (wall hung WC) without concern.

Edinburgh Traditional Building Festival 2021

Edinburgh Traditional Building Festival programme issued, with the organisers turning their eyes to the future, COP26, and the sustainability of traditional buildings in a dynamic

Why Your Material Choice Matters

As designers, we play a critical role in the material choice used in construction projects. These choices affect more than just the performance of a

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