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Material of the Month: February 2015 – Cross Laminated Timber

Why it’s inspired us…

Cross Laminated Timber is produced from quick growing timbers, cut and stacked at right angles and glued in 3, 5, or 7 layers. It offers the potential for our fast growing Scottish timber to be used as structural elements.
CLT can be used for all elements of a building’s structure: wall, floor, ceiling and roof. Factory manufactured with cut outs for doors and windows.

Why we’d like it to inspire you…

The Forestry Commission is currently investigating the potential for Scottish home grown CLT. Do you think this material has a place within our construction Industry?
It’s looking lonely, do you think it will get a (laminated veneer) lumber in time for Valentines day?

Do you have any suggestions for another MATERIAL OF THE MONTH?
Or even another material? Please let us know!

10 Things about Earth Building

On 28th March A&DS welcomed the Scottish Ecological Design Association for our third annual collaborative event on materials. This time the focus was building with

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