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Mass Timber Systems – research methodology into Mass Timber Systems (CLT, GLT, DLT and NLT).

Start date: 04-12-2019 End date: 04-12-2019


The aim of the event is to present and discuss the research methodology into Mass Timber Systems (CLT, GLT, DLT and NLT).

A process designed to identify key steps required for the implementation of these products in the construction industry, as well as to outline the results of previous research and pilot manufacture carried out by the Centre for Offsite Construction (ENU) and Construction Scotland Innovation Centre on Mass Timber systems utilising home-grown timber.

Also covered will be the review of the requirements for Mass Timber systems contained in recognised standards, which in combination with the overview of the previous research by ENU will lead to the identification of any gaps in the current knowledge and help to raise the awareness and competitiveness of Mass Timber systems fabricated from home-grown timber.


04-12-2019 - 04-12-2019
13.30 - 17.00
The Lighthouse, Glasgow
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