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Historic Environment Scotland Inform Guides

Inform Guides

These short publications provide specialised information for homeowners and organisations worldwide, and cover various issues e.g., from External Timber Doors to Ceramic Tiles, to Fire Safety in the Home. Since the introduction of five Inform Guides in 2005, Historic Environment Scotland have now increased this total to fifty five in circulation.

Inform guides with sustainability and material focus include:

  • Ventilation in Traditional Houses
  • Timber Floors
  • Timber Staircases
  • Masonry decay
  • Pantiles
  • Repairing Traditional Brickwork
  • Repairing Scottish slate Roofs
  • Repointing rubble stonework
  • Restoration Mortars for Masonry Repair
  • Roofing Leadwork
  • Interior paint
  • Improving Energy Efficiency in Traditional Buildings
  • Earth and Clay construction
  • Dry Stone Walls
  • Clay Mortars for Masonry Buildings

These are available in hard copies, or easily accessible from our website to view or download at The Engine Shed.

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