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CPD : Occupant Comfort and Wellbeing in Housing

Start date: 25-07-2019 End date: 25-07-2019

In this session you will learn more about a range of occupant stories in order to help understand why BPE is an essential part of the design and construction process for delivery of healthy homes.

For most people our homes are places of safety and where we spend a significant amount of time. To make sure these homes are comfortable MEARU monitored 26 new social homes in Scotland as part of the Innovate UK building performance evaluation (BPE) programme. The findings revealed performance gaps between the design intent and the real outcomes as well as identification of instances where occupant comfort and wellbeing were affected.

You are invited to join Janice Foster and Laura Barnfield of MEARU for a free lunchtime CPD session feel free to bring your own lunch.

25-07-2019 - 25-07-2019
13:00 - 14:00
Architecture and Design Scotland 146 Canongate Bakehouse Close Edinburgh EH8 8DD
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