Natural Resin Oil Woodstain.

Natural Resin Oil Woodstain.

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Geographic availability
Origin / Location of manufacturing / Processing plant
Base material – Germany
Remanufacture (decanting/colouring) – Gloucestershire (UK)
Application and typical uses of the product

Staining and protecting timber, internal or external (exc. Colourless)

Breakdown of Product

Orange oil, vegetable binder (sunflower-oil, linseed-oil and dehydrated castor-oil stand oils, colophony glycerine ester), mineral pigments, fillers, swelling clays, silicic acids, dryers (lead-free), lethicin, alcohol

Embodied energy (Processing plant emissions). How much energy is used to produce the product? kWh per annum or kgCO2
Carbon neutral manufacture
Is the resource Renewable or Finite?
Does the material need to be processed further or treated by the user
No – but initial coats can be diluted with water if desired
Buildability - how complex is installation? What skill level is required?
Unskilled – can be applied with brush, roller or spray
Types, textures, specifications and colours currently available
White plus 32 colours available
Supplier Name
Auro UK
Main Contact
Tony Edge
Contact Address
Calf Way, 
Telephone Number
01452 772020
Other companies that manufacture similar products

Others use synthetic materials, AURO use only natural raw material