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Under One Roof Scotland

The Under One Roof website provides information on:

  • Buildings and repairs – over 70 illustrated articles with information on the construction of flatted buildings of all types and ages and how they should be maintained.
  • Owners and their obligations – over 100 articles on how to find out your responsibilities for common repairs, how to manage your property and how to pay for repairs.

Users can find answers to their questions via the home page, which is divided into four main sections:

Download resources

Property professionals and owners who need to communicate key issues about the management and maintenance of flatted buildings can also download nine ready-made power point style presentations from the Meeting Presentations page. This page also has a copy of the poster which can be printed for use as a flyer, placed at the front counter or in the close entrance.

Throughout the site there are also downloadable model letters for use in communicating with other owners.

Articles, images and diagrams can be made available for free for not-for-profit purposes. Please contact us via the email below or the website to make appropriate arrangements.

Who uses the website?

The website attracts visits equally from both property professionals and individual owners. The most commonly accessed pages are those dealing with the enforcement of repairs and the technical issues encountered in maintaining older stone tenements.

Promoting good maintenance

The Under One Roof project has some limited resources for outreach work including speaking engagements and an occasional e-newsletter providing subscribers with updates on tenement issues.

How is Under One Roof funded?

The website is funded by a partnership representing Local Authorities, Property Factors (both private and housing association based), the Scottish Government and Historic Environment Scotland. This funding partnership ensures the website acts impartially. The site was hosted initially by the Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland. The site and its authors are now accountable to Changeworks is one of Scotland’s largest environmental charities – a thriving social enterprise with over 30 years’ experience in sustainability.

Edinburgh Traditional Building Festival 2021

Edinburgh Traditional Building Festival programme issued, with the organisers turning their eyes to the future, COP26, and the sustainability of traditional buildings in a dynamic

Why Your Material Choice Matters

As designers, we play a critical role in the material choice used in construction projects. These choices affect more than just the performance of a

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