A flexible insulation batt made of natural jute fibres.

This is a textiles & crops material

Textiles are any goods produces by weaving, knitting or felting. Crops are grown for their fibres traditionally used to make paper, cloth or rope.

A flexible insulation batt made of natural jute fibres.

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Geographic availability
Origin / Location of manufacturing / Processing plant
Application and typical uses of the product

ThermoJute insulation is applied in between timber roof rafters, timber wall studs or ceiling/floor timber joists.

Breakdown of Product

85-90% Jute fibres,
8-10% PET fibres (binding agent),
2-5% soda (fire retardancy)

% Recycled Content
Thermal conductivity (k) W/m°C or Thermal transmittance (U-value) - W/m2°C (If applicable)
k = 0.038 W/mK
Is the resource Renewable or Finite?
Does the material need to be processed further or treated by the user
Buildability - how complex is installation? What skill level is required?
The product is easily ‘friction fitted’ in between timbers and no special skills are required.
Deconstruction and Re-use


Disposal/ End of Life

No special disposal procedures required.

Types, textures, specifications and colours currently available
1 type available; supplied in a range of thicknesses and two widths (375 or 580mm).
Is this product certified?

Yes. ETA 14/0479 (European Technical Assessment).

Lifespan of materials if maintained correctly (years)

60 years minimum.

Availability - how easy is it to source the material

Readily available.

Supplier Name
Ecological Building Systems UK Ltd
Main Contact
Penny Randell
Contact Address
The F Brown Building, Cardewlees, Carlisle, Cumbria, CA5 6LF
Telephone Number
01228 711 511