Scottish Whin Stone

Coarse to medium grain Cabbro/Dolorite/Quartz Dolorite.

This is a stone material

Stone is a hard substance from the ground used for building or carving. It is the product of millions of years of movement, pressure, compaction and heat, forming a durable solid material.

Coarse to medium grain Cabbro/Dolorite/Quartz Dolorite.

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You will find this material in: Cabinet D

Geographic availability
Origin / Location of manufacturing / Processing plant
Quarried throughout Scotland, processed at Thornhill near Stirling
Application and typical uses of the product

Kerbs, Setts, Walling, Dimensional Paving, Coursed Walling – Architectural Components - Tiles

Breakdown of Product

100% Natural Quartz Dolorite

Thermal conductivity (k) W/m°C or Thermal transmittance (U-value) - W/m2°C (If applicable)

Is the resource Renewable or Finite?
Does the material need to be processed further or treated by the user
Buildability - how complex is installation? What skill level is required?
Recommended that stone is installed by experienced stone mason
Deconstruction and Re-use


Types, textures, specifications and colours currently available
Various finishes and colours available. Sample panel at Thornhill facility
Supplier Name
Main Contact
Sales Team
Contact Address
Thornhill, Stirling
Telephone Number
01786 850400
Lifespan of materials if maintained correctly (years)

100 years +

Availability - how easy is it to source the material

Typical 6-8 week lead in