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Maximising re-use of materials on-site

In construction projects, a substantial proportion of the material that ends up in a skip is either unused, new material from products that have been damaged, over-ordered or off-cuts of materials. While some of this is recycled, in doing so, its inherent value is lost and it may still end up disposed to landfill if it becomes contaminated with chemicals or waterlogged.

As an alternative approach, this document provides guidance on how to re-use materials on-site and in doing so retain the value that would otherwise be lost.

Visit Resource Efficient Scotland for more information.

Edinburgh Traditional Building Festival 2021

Edinburgh Traditional Building Festival programme issued, with the organisers turning their eyes to the future, COP26, and the sustainability of traditional buildings in a dynamic

Why Your Material Choice Matters

As designers, we play a critical role in the material choice used in construction projects. These choices affect more than just the performance of a

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