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Material of the Month: November 2016 – Recycled Glass Flooring

Why it inspired us…

You may think Halloween is behind us now, however November brings us St Andrew’s Day. Interestingly the St Andrews Cross (Saltire) was used as a hex sign to stop witches flying down the chimney much like the way people used a witch ball in the late 17th century. Predominantly made of glass, it was considered extremely bad luck if you were to break one… What would the people of Shetland do if this were to happen? simply crush the glass, recycle it and make an interesting flooring material of course!

Why we would like it to inspire you…

Recycled Glass Flooring is a solution to a problem. On Shetland recycling glass is more difficult compared to mainland Britian. For a start they have to pay to ship the glass off the island, which can be quite costly. The solution was to create ‘Enviroglass’, an indoor and outdoor paving product made from 80% recycled glass and 20% water, cement and mineral dye. It will last upwards of 40 years and is abundant in supply. It is also easy to install as long as you ensure it is laid correctly on a solid foundation bed. As the paving slabs are very reliable, it will not require routine maintenance.

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