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Material of the Month: November 2014 – Thermally Modified Timber

Why it’s inspired us…

Heat treating the timber stabilises the moisture content and prolongs the lifespan of the timber. The material is most commonly used as cladding or decking.
It smells like a sauna!
Heating the wood improves the insulation value of the timber.
It is 100% sugar free, which may sound like a strange claim for a building product, but sugar in wood can cause rot.

Why we’d like it to inspire you…

If heating in controlled temperature conditions can extend its lifespan and make it less susceptible to rot, could other materials be modified in a simple way to improve their character?
Going by look and touch is this timber more resilient than the other timber samples we have?

Do you have any suggestions for another MATERIAL OF THE MONTH?
Or even another material? Please let us know!

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