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Material of the Month: July 2016 – Interior Clay Lining Board

Why it inspired us…

A combination of clay, reed and hessian, Clay Lining boards are a heavier thicker alternative to Gypsum plasterboards. Clay Lining boards have outstanding thermal and vapour diffusion properties and can regulate temperature, in addition to their ability to absorb moisture. Boards can be applied to interior walls in a similar way as drywall plasterboard. Once coated with a clay skim finish the surface can take picture hooks, wallpaper and paints.

Clay surfaces absorb and diffuse water vapour and absorbs odours. Surfaces are cool in summer, warm in winter. Clay products are not only good for new buildings but are ideal for historic building refurbishments. The boards are also exceptionally good at reducing noise levels.

Why we’d like it to inspire you…

When we displyed Clay Lining Board at the Traditional Building Festival in Edinburgh in June, this material became the star of the show. People were amazed at the likeness to original Lath and Plaster, and we were happy to tell them of its moisture and thermal properties.

In addition to this we met lots of interesting people who shared their own traditional building stories one of which whom told us that the clay boards reminded her of her house in Romania, in which they built themselves and with their neighbours – no architects, just communities working together for a common cause.

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