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Material of the Month: December 2015 – Sweet Chestnut (roasting on the open fire)

Why it’s inspired us…

Sweet Chestnut is a durable timber which is easy to split so it is often used for poles and fencing. It is very similar in appearance to oak , so it has been used as an alternative to oak for structural work and panelling. Available in the UK (it grows better further south) it can be found in fairly big sections, it grows up to 35m with a diameter of 1.5m

Why we’d like it to inspire you…

What other uses can you think of for woods which are available in this country but not often used in construction?
What differences can you see between sweet chestnut and the other woods on display? appearance? strength? grain? touch? smell?

Do you have any suggestions for another MATERIAL OF THE MONTH?
Or even another material? Please let us know!

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