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Material of the Month: August 2015 – Recycled Damp Proof Membrane

Why it’s inspired us…

This Damp Proof Membrane is manufactured from 100% recycled polythene waste diverted from landfill. The material is suitable for use in concrete floors where there may be a rise of moisture. It is manufactured in Wales.

Why we’d like it to inspire you…

One of the “Unsung heroes” of construction, can you think of another building material or component that does a very important job but can’t be seen?

How many other materials manufactured from recycled content can you find in the materials library?

Do you have any suggestions for another MATERIAL OF THE MONTH?
Or even another material? Please let us know!

10 Things about Earth Building

On 28th March A&DS welcomed the Scottish Ecological Design Association for our third annual collaborative event on materials. This time the focus was building with

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