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Material of the Month: April 2016 – Casein Paint

Why it’s inspired us…

Casein Paint is a powder form interior wall paint. Once mixed with water this powdered paint becomes a great base paint and can be mixed with different colours offering a TiO2, preservative and solvent free alternative to emulsion paint. It is resistant to wiping and can be painted over easily. It is suitable for use as a decorative paint on plaster, clay (may cause crazes), wood, sandlime-brick, gypsum board, wallpaper etc…

Why we’d like it to inspire you…

Now that the easter eggs have been consumed and it is officially springtime, it’s time to hit the gym. Casein is a great protein for repairing your muscles after a big workout, as it turns out its also a great base for paint especially if you don’t want harmful off-gasses clogging up your airways. Not only that you can add some great pigments to it to liven up the colour of your favourite space!

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