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Historic Environment Scotland Inform Guides

The Short Guides series was created in 2012, and there are now twelve titles available, with more forthcoming. These are extremely popular with property owners, practitioners and professionals, especially Short Guide 9: Maintaining your home, as this provides advice regarding the upkeep of traditional buildings and it also includes a table of common defects and remedial action, together with a house maintenance check list.

The Guides in the series are:

  • Short Guide 1 – Fabric Improvements for Energy Efficiency in Traditional Buildings
  • Short Guide 2 – Lead Theft: Guidance on Protecting Traditional Buildings
  • Short Guide 3 – The Repair and Maintenance of War Memorials
  • Short Guide 4 – Maintenance and repair Techniques for Cast Iron
  • Short Guide 5 – Historic Concrete in Scotland (Parts 1 – 3)
  • Short Guide 6 – Lime Mortars in Traditional Buildings
  • Short Guide 7 – Scottish Traditional Brickwork
  • Short Guide 8 – Micro-renewables in the Historic Environment
  • Short Guide 9 – Maintaining your home: A Short Guide for Homeowners
  • Short Guide 10 -Thermal Imaging in the Historic Environment
  • Short Guide 11 – Climate Adaptation Change for Traditional Buildings
  • Short Guide 12 – Shopfronts

These are available as hard copies, or easily accessible from our website The Engine Shed to view or download.

Within the above website you will also be able to view or download our Refurbishment Case Studies, and Technical Papers, which contain the results of research projects that Historic Environment Scotland has been involved with.

Mass Timber Systems – route to market

Mass Timber: The popularity of mass timber systems is on the rise. Timber products, due to their environmental credentials and other benefits, are becoming the

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