This is a plastic material

Plastic is a synthetic material made from a wide range of organic polymers such as polyethylene, PVC, nylon, etc. It can be moulded into shape while soft, and then set into a rigid or slightly elastic form.

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You will find this material in: Cabinet A

Geographic availability
Origin / Location of manufacturing / Processing plant
Manufacturing plant Suchedniów, Poland
Application and typical uses of the product

Extremely varied – used to replace many plywood applications

Breakdown of Product

Recycled plastic of PE – 80%
Recycled plastic of PP – 20%

Embodied energy (Processing plant emissions). How much energy is used to produce the product? kWh per annum or kgCO2
We use 8,8 kWh for production of one sheet. Currently sourced from energy provider. However, once our solar plant is completed, only 3,2 kWh of energy will be sourced from provider and 5,6 kWh produced by our production.
% Recycled Content
99,45% of recycled plastic 0,55% of Blowing Agent
Thermal conductivity (k) W/m°C or Thermal transmittance (U-value) - W/m2°C (If applicable)
Thermal conductivity - W/m * K - 0,108
Is the resource Renewable or Finite?
Does the material need to be processed further or treated by the user
No, the material is ready for use and requires no treatment at any time.
Buildability - how complex is installation? What skill level is required?
Easy to install
Deconstruction and Re-use

Yes, there is no ‘waste’ EKOply as it can all be re-used in our process.

Disposal/ End of Life

All offcuts of EKOply that are no longer required can be recycled again.

Types, textures, specifications and colours currently available
EKOply Standard – 12 mm / 19 mm of thickness; EKOply Standard Anti – Slip – 12 mm / 19 mm of thickness; Colours of each type: grey, black, green, blue, white fleck.
Is this product certified?

Yes. The product is certified by ITB (Environmental Product Declaration no. 059/2017 dated 9th of February 2017).

Lifespan of materials if maintained correctly (years)

EKOply requires no maintenance. The product is considered to have a long lifespan due to its recycled content of mixed waste plastic, with the oldest sample currently from the start of production in 2013. The material can be used outdoors/indoors and used in constant water applications.

Availability - how easy is it to source the material

It is very easy to source the material for production – due to the significant volume of recycled plastic available. Due to the volumes of waste plastic available for recycling EKOply is constantly available from stock.

Supplier Name
Second Life Product Wales Ltd
Main Contact
Cheryl Birch
Contact Address
Fforch Egel Farm Rhiwfawr, Swansea SA9 2SE
Telephone Number
01269 826740