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Circular Economy Business Support

Zero Waste Scotland exists to create a more circular economy in Scotland where resources are valued and nothing is wasted, by supporting the Scottish Government’s strategy Making Things Last.

For businesses, the circular economy offers an exciting opportunity for competitive advantage and business growth. Businesses which design products with the ability to be disassembled, repaired and eventually recycled whilst keeping hold of valuable products and components through leasing, servicing, repair and resale are already profiting in Scotland.

ZWS offer specialist business support and grant funding opportunities for small to medium sized businesses with big ambitions for this kind of sustainable growth. The service is open to businesses and organisations across all sectors in Scotland seeking to develop and/or implement new business models, technologies, practices, products or services which can embed circular economy principles.

Useful Links:

Circular Economy Investment Fund

Circular Economy Business Support Service

Article Submitted by: ZWS – Caroline Gray

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